Thank you for connecting to Monitor Electric Demonstration Server. The server hosts two programs: Operator Training Simulator Finist and Dispatcher Logbook Hedgehog-2.

Access to the demonstration programs is free but password protected. Please contact us, and we will give you the access information right away.


Finist logo

Finist is an electric power system simulator designed for operational personnel training. The below documentation will help you get started with Finist.

Finist Technical Descriptiondescribes main features, architecture and major technical power system simulation solutions used to implement Finist.
Quick Start Guidegives quick introduction to using Finist.
Volume X of the Finist Manual Setdescribes demonstration power system Finist Energy and training session examples used in Finist.

This demonstration server is continuously running the simulation of Finist Energy. To connect to this simulation you need to use Operator's Workplace. There are two options to get Operator's Workplace started:

Operator's Workplace connection
using ActiveX
This option starts Operator's Workplace on the demo server and sends the graphics information to you. This might be slightly slower but does not require setting up any software locally. For this option please use Microsoft's Internet Explorer with ActiveX enabled.
Finist Client DownloadThis option allows you to set up Operator's Workplace at your own PC. Once you downloaded the installation files, right-click on the executable and select Run as administrator.
After you launched the Operator's Workplace, type finist-demo.monitel.com into the server field on the toolbar to connect to this server.


Hedgehog-2 logo

Hedgehog-2 is an electronic logbook for operational record entry, storage and analysis. The information below will help you get started with the logbook.

Quick Start Guide 

This server is running a standalone installation of Hedgehog-2 available for demonstration. The connection option is ActiveX only. Please, use Microsoft's Internet Explorer with ActiveX enabled.

LogbookGet to know main interface and basic functions.

Please be considerate when interacting with the simulated power system and the logbook as multiple users may connect to the same simulation. Try to leave it in the same state you found it. If you are having problems, please notify us using the contact information below.

For further information, contact

email: demo@monitel.com

phone: +1 (330) 474-9199 US representative

    +7 (495) 22-55-975, +7 (8793) 34-94-00 Head office, Pyatigorsk, Russia
    +7 (495) 913-68-86 Moscow office, Moscow, Russia